Representative Amy Grant Rejects Legislative Pension


Monday January 14, 2019

Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) has formally declined to take a legislative pension in one of her first official acts as a State Representative in the Illinois 101st General Assembly. 

“One reason I decided to run for office is to examine the pension crisis in our state.  One prescription to the fiscal challenges ahead is by waiving my pension.  I hope my colleagues do the same,” Grant said.  “Rejecting a pension is a way of showing the tax payers in Du Page County that I will not engage in behavior that has historically created economic issues in Illinois.”

Paperwork is being processed by the General Assembly Retirement System (GARS) and the Comptroller’s office to uphold Grant’s decision to decline a pension.  Illinois is currently ranked in the bottom tier of states with regard to the sustainability of its pension system. 

“I want to take meaningful steps during my time in the Capitol to assure citizens that new ideas and methods can repair Illinois’ finances.  Even though rejecting a pension is not a new idea, it shows I’m not tone deaf to the issues surrounding this state.”  Grant also added, “Protecting today’s retirees is vital and needs to be done through a constitutionally-sound solution.  I want to work with colleagues who take this issue seriously to find the right path to solvency.” 

Representative’s Grant rejection of the pension is final and cannot be undone.