Rep. Amy Grant Appointed To Four Committees

February 5, 2019

Representative Amy Grant (R – Wheaton) has announced she has received her committee appointments for the 101st General Assembly:

“I’m pleased to serve my constituents and the people of Illinois on these committees”, said Grant. The appointments include two appropriations committees and two other committees:

  • Adoption & Child Welfare
  • Appropriations-Capital
  • Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Consumer Protection

Rep. Grant had this to say about the committees: “Consumer protection and financial accessibility are vital to vulnerable citizens in Illinois. I recognize that individuals understand what is best for themselves and their families better than Springfield bureaucrats. The fundamental purpose of government is to protect the rights of its citizens and consumer protection plays a key role in these protections.”

Grant, who has worked as a teacher, also said, “My previous work experience will give me insight into the wants and needs of educators and families. Illinois has had issues with special subsidies in this area and I want to take a look into the formula.”