Rep. Amy Grant Statement On Taxing Miles Driven Per Year, House Bill 2864.

Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) is concerned about a bill that was filed last week, establishing a pilot program for a 2.1-cent tax on every mile a vehicle is driven on state roads. This bill was filed by Marcus Evans and he has pulled the bill but stated he wants to find “creative ways to reintroduce the bill”.

“A fixed tax on miles driven by our motorists in any given year is a terrible idea for the taxpayer,” said Representative Grant.  “As consumers are shifting to economically efficient vehicles for modes of transportation, I do not think it would be wise to test out or consider a new tax on those who commute.  Having Chicago and the transportation hub that surrounds it, adding another cost on those who travel in their vehicle is going to create a negative impact for drivers.  Taxing more transportation in a metropolitan heavy area is not what Illinois needs to be focused on at this moment.”