Rep. Grant Meets with Local Farmers to Discuss the Importance of Agriculture in Illinois’ Economy

WHEATON – On Thursday, State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) met with local leaders from the DuPage and Grundy County Farm Bureaus to discuss agricultural issues important to DuPage County and the State of Illinois.

“Many people presume there are no farms in DuPage County, but agriculture is an important part of our local economy,” said Grant. “I enjoyed my conversation with representatives from the Farm Bureaus and discussing how, as a legislator, I can support their mission of feeding families across the globe.”

According to Grant, the group discussed the impact farming has in the surrounding Chicagoland area and across the state.  After the meeting, Grant and the delegation drove around the 42nd District and visited seven area farms and other points of interest. 

“This was a great opportunity to discuss legislation that will sustain our communities as future leaders in agriculture,” said Grant. “Illinois is home to 75,000 farms covering more than 75 percent of the state’s total land mass. Whether farmers are producing soybeans, corn, hogs, beef cattle or dairy products, Illinois’ agricultural output totals more than $20 billion annually, with corn accounting for nearly 40 percent of that total.  This positions Illinois as integral to being part of the breadbasket that feeds not only our country but the rest of the world.  Our central location and soil helps propel the United States to the number three producer of food worldwide.” Grant continued, “It was a pleasure to host the DuPage and Grundy County Farm Bureaus in my district,” said Grant.  “They are an impressive group of farmers and advocates. The fact that this group is able to get real time information on the latest agricultural research and recommendations to suppliers is a testament to their hard work.”