Rep. Amy Grant Hosts Successful Property Tax Seminar to Tackle High State Property Taxes

WHEATON—More than 100 people from Illinois’ 42nd House District attended a property tax seminar hosted by State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) at the Wheaton Public Library on Tuesday. Attendees learned how property tax bills are created, how to ensure they are receiving all eligible exemptions, and the steps to take when a taxpayer believes their assessment is too high.

Grant, who championed a complete property tax freeze shortly after taking office earlier this year, partnered with Milton Township Assessor Chris LeVan for the two-hour event. “It is obvious that high property taxes are driving people out of Illinois and toward more taxpayer-friendly states,” said Grant. “Property taxes are consistently the most expensive tax we have on families in Illinois. Helping taxpayers understand the process and ensure they are not paying one dime more than their fair share is one way to assist my local constituents.”

Grant serves on the state’s bipartisan Property Tax Relief Task Force, and is working to end the crippling and constantly-increasing taxes people must pay through the current tax system. “The Illinois General Assembly has shown no real efforts to get the issue of property taxes under control in Illinois, but my hope is that this task force can produce some viable and sustainable solutions,” said Grant. “We must solve the problem of tax bills increasing while home values remain stagnant or even decrease.” 

Grant plans to host additional property tax seminars throughout the 42nd District, so that people are comfortable challenging their assessment when they believe there is a problem. She also invites residents to share their input and ideas by calling her district office at (331) 218-4182.

“I was pleased with the positive conversation Chris and I had with the audience,” added Grant.  “Residents understand that they face some of the highest property taxes in the nation, and are very aware that it is hard for families to secure their future and have financial freedom under the current system. These seminars give residents the tools they need to understand the current taxing process and the steps they can take to reduce their tax bill.”