Grant Offers Petition to Convene the Illinois General Assembly

Speaker Madigan has cancelled the four scheduled session days for this week, extending the time during which the House has been sidelined. We have not met since March 5.

Government by executive order is not what the authors of our Constitution had in mind when they created Illinois’ three co-equal branches of Government. As a co-equal branch of government, the legislature needs to be involved in the COVID-19 response process. Working groups of members have been conducting conference calls and other informal meetings to discuss the budget and other issues, getting ready for the time when we are back in session. But we cannot pass any legislation, adopt a budget, or address any other issues until we return to Springfield.

With this week’s cancellation, there are only two more weeks until our scheduled adjournment, and the clock is ticking toward the end of the current state budget on June 30. We need to get back into session immediately. If you agree, click here and sign our “Back to Springfield” petition to get the legislature back to work.