Lilly Insulins to be available for $35/month

Persons who utilize Lilly insulins can now get their Insulin for $35 per month, either through the Lilly Insulin Value Program or through the Part D Senior Savings Model, which federal CMS will begin in January. The next few months will be important for both seniors who are preparing to enroll in their Medicare Part D plans and people with commercial plans who are looking for ways to save during the high deductible period in early 2021. 

Lilly is kicking off a nationwide campaign to educate people about their options, entitled “Insulin Affordability: Learn. Act. Share.,” which will help people afford the life-saving Lilly insulins they need.  

No one should have to ever have ration their insulin, and these programs can help anyone using Lilly insulin, regardless of their insurance status, pay $35 per monthly prescription.

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