State Rep. Amy Grant Questions Motivation Behind Cancellation of Fall Veto Session

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Mike Madigan’s Chief of Staff announced that the fall veto session is canceled due to concerns over COVID-19 and proximity to the upcoming holidays. In response to the announcement, State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) issued the following statement:

“I question the motivation behind this cancellation. We were able to meet safely in May in an environment that included testing, mask mandates, regular use of hand sanitizer, and more than ample room to practice social distancing. No one from the House, Senate or staff contracted COVID-19 during our session in May, so we know staff is capable of putting adequate safety precautions in place. Congress is meeting and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be.

“The people of Illinois are counting on us to do our jobs, and since we know we can safely meet, I must wonder if the cancelation is more about Madigan’s growing unpopularity within his caucus and the Governor’s disinterest in engaging with the legislature than it is about our health. We have to get back to Springfield and legislators must be allowed to have a voice in future COVID-19 decisions. This cancellation sends a bad message to Illinoisans who want their voices heard through their elected representative to the House.”