Rep. Grant to Serve on Fiscal Accountability Commission

Today, State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) announced her appointment to the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA). Grant joins as one of the 12 commission members, each chosen by the four legislative leaders, tasked with carrying out important responsibilities that impact the state’s finances, like state revenue estimates.

“Thank you to Leader Durkin for entrusting me with fulfilling the important duties of CGFA,” Rep. Grant said. “CGFA provides vital information and services to legislators and other parts of Illinois government as we make decisions that will impact Illinois’ budget and fiscal solvency. I look forward to helping guide Illinois toward a fiscally responsible path.”

CGFA provides the Legislature with research and information regarding state and national economies, monitoring the long-term debt position of Illinois, revenue projections and operations of Illinois Government. CGFA prepares special topic reports on issues that have or could have an impact on the economic well-being of Illinois. The Commission also prepares specific revenue, debt impact, and pension notes on proposed legislation in those areas.

Grant’s term on the Commission began on February 1st.