Grant Reacts to Repeal of Parental Notification, Changes to Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) released the following statement after Illinois Democrats passed legislation to repeal parental notification of abortions and made changes to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

“Parents have the right to know if their child is having a serious medical procedure, but last night, not long before midnight, Democrats in Illinois voted to repeal the requirement that parents be notified if their minor daughter is planning to have an abortion. Not only does this repeal infringe on parental rights, it also removes mechanisms that were in place to protect girls who were being abused or exploited and takes away a critical tool to combat human trafficking.

“In addition to pushing through a repeal of parental notification, they also passed legislation that would weaken the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act, a vital safeguard of the sincerely held religious and moral beliefs of the people of Illinois. I voted no on both of these measures, standing up for common-sense protections of parental rights, protections for girls, and protections of religious and moral beliefs.”