Rep. Grant Rolls out Solutions that Enhance Public Safety

Wheaton, IL – On Wednesday, Rep. Grant (R – Wheaton) joined fellow state Representatives John M. Cabello (R – Machesney Park), Patrick Windhorst (R – Metropolis), Dan Ugaste (R – Geneva), Dennis Tipsword (R – Metamora), and David Friess (R – Red Bud) in a press conference addressing the ongoing public safety crisis in Illinois.

The press conference provided a platform for their Truth in Public Safety working group, which has been meeting since January, to introduce a series of initiatives aimed at improving public safety throughout the state. The group’s efforts resulted in a package of 20 bills focusing on three crucial areas: Protecting Victims of Crime, the Real Pre-Trial Fairness Act, and Recruitment and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers.

“Ensuring the safety of all Illinois residents, regardless of where they live, is a top priority. Whether they’re in bustling cities like Chicago or peaceful suburbs like Wheaton, we must protect our women, children, elderly, and disabled from random and intentional acts of violence and crime,” said Grant.

Grant added, “I’m proud to co-sponsor several initiatives from this group, as they offer communities across Illinois the chance to reduce crime and provide peace of mind to law-abiding citizens who may fall victim to criminal acts.”

Rep. Grant is the chief sponsor of the following bills from the Truth in Public Safety working group:

  • HB 3356 – Adds a victims being 60 or older to the offense of aggravated domestic battery.
  • HB 3357 – Creates the offense of domestic assault.

Furthermore, Rep. Grant is also co-sponsoring the following:

  • HB 3359 – Prohibits the automatic expungement for the attempt to commit a disqualified offense, such as a sex offense, or Class 2 felony or higher.
  • HB 3360 – Adds home invasion as registerable offense if a sex offense was committed during the commission of the home invasion.
  • HB 4052 – Reinstates cash bail as recommended by the IL Supreme Court’s commission report. Creating a hybrid system that has a presumption of release but allows for cash bail or detention.

“I am confident that these proposals will contribute to a safer environment in every Illinois community. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues who are dedicated to resolving our public safety crisis.”

Questions regarding any of these initiatives may be directed to her district office at 331-218-4182.

State Representative Amy Grant, is currently in her 3rd term as State Representative in the General Assembly. The 47th district is made up of several communities in DuPage County, including Naperville, Warrenville, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lisle, Carol Stream, Bartlett, West Chicago, Winfield, and Wayne.