Rep. Grant Promotes Blue Collar Jobs Act Tax Credit Program to Drive Economic Development in Illinois

Wheaton, IL – State Representative Amy Grant is applauding the Blue Collar Jobs Act (BCJA) Tax Credit Program which generates economic growth and job creation in Illinois. The BCJA program provides corporate income tax credits to companies that make substantial capital investments in Illinois, with a specific focus on supporting large-scale economic development activities.

The tax credits offered through the BCJA program are based on the wages paid to construction workers employed on eligible projects. To qualify for these tax credits, companies must meet certain criteria. This includes being located in an Enterprise Zone (EZ) or a River Edge Redevelopment Zone (RERZ), being designated a High Impact Business (HIB), or having an agreement under the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Program.

Representative Grant emphasizes the significance of this program in driving economic growth and job opportunities. “The Blue Collar Jobs Act Tax Credit Program is a vital tool for attracting major investments and stimulating true economic development across Illinois,” says Grant. “By incentivizing companies to make substantial capital investments in Illinois, residents across the state will have greater access to high quality jobs and experience real economic growth.”

Under the BCJA program, eligible companies may receive up to 75 percent income tax withholding credits for construction workers. This substantial incentive encourages companies to execute projects that fuel economic expansion and employment opportunities throughout the state.

Rep. Grant encourages businesses to tap into the benefits of the BCJA Tax Credit Program and seize the opportunity to contribute to Illinois’ economic growth. “The Blue Collar Jobs Act Tax Credit Program presents a win-win scenario, benefiting both businesses and our communities. By harnessing these tax credits, companies can make significant investments, create jobs, and contribute to the revitalization of our local economies”

For more information on the Blue Collar Jobs Act Tax Credit Program and its eligibility criteria, please visit Blue Collar Jobs Act (BCJA) Tax Credit Program (

State Representative Amy Grant, is currently in her 3rd term as State Representative in the General Assembly. The 47th district is made up of several communities in DuPage County, including Naperville, Warrenville, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lisle, Carol Stream, Bartlett, West Chicago, Winfield, and Wayne.