Rep. Grant Co-Sponsors Bills for Affordable Insulin and EpiPen Costs

Wheaton, IL – Addressing the concern of rising insulin prices that have impacted many Illinois families, State Representative Amy Grant (R-Wheaton) has co-sponsored legislation ensuring more affordable access to insulin. Recently signed into law, this bill limits the monthly price of insulin to only $35.

State Rep. Grant remarked, “The passage of a measure such as this recognizes the life-saving importance of insulin for individuals with diabetes. Through a special discount program initiated by this law, qualified diabetics will now be able to save money and avoid financial strain when they acquire their monthly insulin doses.

Grant continued, “Through our commitment to the well-being of our residents, many more families can breathe a little easier knowing they won’t be financially burdened while trying to maintain their health.”

Those eligible for this program will receive guidance from the state detailing how participating pharmacies will apply the discount. Additionally, information will be disseminated on the procedures for seeking reimbursement from health insurance providers.

Adding to this, Rep. Grant has also supported other legislation pushing for affordability in other life-saving medications. Another notable bill co-sponsored by Grant, House Bill 3639, focuses on the price of EpiPens. With the intent to assist families grappling with severe allergies, this newly signed law ensures that the price for a twin-pack of medically necessary epinephrine injectors will not surpass $60.

For more details on legislation supported by Representative Grant that lower the costs of medicine for hard working Illinoisans, please contact Representative Grant’s office at 331-218-4182.