Invest in Kids Still at Risk

We had a number of students, parents, and educators in the Statehouse today fighting for the Invest in Kids Scholarship.

I will be sharing some of their testimonies – directly from their own mouths. These are not my words, these are the words of the real people benefiting from this Scholarship.

Helen from Chicago said “This program provides opportunities for poor people to have a choice. If this program ends it will be devastating for students, their families, and our school. It changes lives and communities. Education choice is a civil right. If the sunsets on this program it will be another atrocity suffered by poor people and their families.”

Tracy from Chicago said “Support the Tax Credit Scholarship and allow a children to have a voice in their education. The Tax Credit Scholarship is a melting pot for our education system. It embraces our Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Christian, Caucasian, Black, and Brown children. This scholarship isn’t based on intellectual talent, but on financial need.”Kristopher from Chicago said “I am a 16 year old black student at Marist High School (junior year) and I am an alumni of St. Sabina Academy. I have been an advocate for the Tax Credit Scholarship for over 6 years

”Martin from Chicago said “It is solely thanks to the Tax Credit Scholarship that my daughter was able to finish her maturation at De La LaSalle High School.”

One anonymoustudent from Chicago said “Chose kids not politics. Without the Tax Credit Scholarship kids like me will lose their dream, unless lawmakers we elect stand with kids to save my scholarship”

Tracy S. from Chicago. She says she is super thankful for the program because it’s given her sons a chance to shine at Marist High School. They’re doing great, getting up at 4 AM, and they’re even on the Dean’s list! To quote her directly  she says “I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for the tax for the scholarship program that allows my children to continue navigate their rode for success to becoming the men of honor and integrity that God created them to be.”

Then there’s Gabriel from Champaign. He said “The invest in Kids Scholarship has allowed me to grow in education and as a person. Without this scholarship, I would not be who I am today. I am thankful for the scholarship, and hope that it continues to help me and many of my friends.”

And finally Imelda from Addison said “The Scholarship means an opportunity for education with values for our children who need it most. If we don’t invest in our future then we are only hurting our kids. Help our kids reach their full potential by helping keep the TCS alive”

You’re hearing it from these students and parents yourself folks… its time to stop the politics and invest in kids!!