Celebrating American Education Week

This week, from November 13-17, we celebrate American Education Week. It’s an important time to think about how fantastic the schools in the U.S. and our area truly are. Additionally, we use this week to think about how we can keep making them better. I want to use this week of observance to say thank you to everyone who helps in our local schools.

National Education Support Professionals Day (November 15):
On November 15, we celebrate National Education Support Professionals Day. This day is for thanking all the people who help our schools so smooth. These are the people like the office workers, cleaners, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers. They do a lot to make sure our schools are safe, clean, and happy places for kids to learn and grow.

Substitute Teachers Day (November 17):
The week ends with Substitute Educators Day on November 17. This day is to say thank you to the often forgotten but highly important substitute teachers. They are very important in our schools because when regular teachers can’t be there, substitute teachers keep the classes and learning going.

American Education Week is a time to think about how well our schools are doing and how we can make them even better. It’s a time to say a big thank you to all the people who work in schools, especially the support staff and substitute teachers. They work hard to deliver the best for our kids to ensure they learn and do well in school. Thank you to all of the important people contributing in our schools!