This Month with Amy – DMV Changes, Blood Drives, Food Banks

Spring is around the corner which means a busy legislative season awaits us in Springfield. This month marks the beginning of an important phase in the public policy making process where numerous bills and legislative proposals are introduced to the General Assembly. They will start their journey through the legislature with lawmakers set to reconvene tomorrow – February 6.

As always, I look forward to engaging in thoughtful discussions and monitoring the issues that could impact our kids and families.

I appreciate when you take the time to share your thoughts with me so please send all of your questions and requests for assistance to me and my team at 331-218-4182.

Wishing you a warm February! 

– Amy Grant | 47th District State Representative 

Rep. Grant’s Advocacy Leads to DMV Policy Change Benefiting Illinois Drivers

After numerous complaints from constituents about Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) procedures, Rep. Grant took decisive action by filing House Bill 1528.

The bill proposed that first-time driver’s license applicants should be exempt from performing a road test if they have successfully completed a certified driver’s education course through a public, nonpublic, or private training school. The goal of this legislation was to streamline the licensing process, making it more efficient and less burdensome for Illinois residents.

After a productive meeting last month, Rep. Grant learned the initiative has been implemented by Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias. It was confirmed that the Secretary internally adopted this policy, thus eliminating the need for additional legislative action from the General Assembly.

For more on this change, click here.

Soft on Crime Policies are Hurting Illinois

The SAFE-T Act makes it even more difficult to keep our classrooms, neighborhoods, and main streets safe because it favors criminals over victims. This major change in our criminal justice system has caused public safety to be the most challenging obstacle we have to overcome in Illinois.”

In case you missed some of the media reports about the outcomes of the SAFE-T Act and drug abuse and misguided decriminalization efforts in Illinois, please see the articles linked here.

Rep. Grant Announces State Grants for School Libraries

Numerous school libraries within our district have been selected as recipients of a state grant program designed to support the operation of school library services, benefiting approximately 1.2 million students from kindergarten to 12th grade across Illinois. The funding is meant to enhance library offerings, including the acquisition of library books, e-books, audiobooks, periodicals, multilingual materials, and advanced technology.

These grants are a vital resource in delivering quality educational materials directly to our schools and into the eager hands of our students. Promoting enhanced learning experiences is a cornerstone of my commitment to our children, their education, and their families.

Read more about the library grants here.

Rep. Grant tours Universal Technical Institute in Lisle

I recently visited Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in Lisle. UTI, a private learning institution, is known for its strong focus on automotive, diesel, and industrial machine training, and has had a campus in DuPage County since 1988. UTI has been located at their Lisle Campus for 10 years continuing to offer valuable training to prospective mechanics across Illinois and the Midwest.

During the tour, I saw firsthand how UTI prepares students for careers in automotive and diesel engine repair, robotics, and wind turbine maintenance. UTI’s commitment to connecting young adults with skilled job opportunities is impressive and their work is part of the solution to solving Illinois’ workforce struggles.

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Food Insecurity Growing in DuPage County

Food insecurity is a growing issue across our area. If you are able, please consider making a donation to one of the many local food pantries operating inside DuPage County.

Your donations go a long way to help your neighbors in need.

Click here to browse the Food Pantries of Dupage County featured on

Upcoming Blood Drives in DuPage County

Donating blood is a quick and easy way to help save the lives of others. Blood banks in Illinois are all facing critical shortages which can have devastating consequences on those who need this life saving treatment. This National Blood Donor Month, take some time and give back to your community by participating in a local blood drive.

Click here to find upcoming blood drives happening in DuPage County >

Illinois Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) Annual Scholarships

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) has announced its plan to award over $58,000 in college scholarships for the academic year 2024-25. This program, established in 1979, speaks to the ISA’s ongoing commitment to education and youth development in Illinois. The scholarships are earmarked for the usual post secondary expenses like tuition, books, and fees.

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Rep. Grant Launches ‘Illinois Family Priorities Assessment’

My Illinois Family Priorities Assessment is an initiative designed to understand and address the needs of families in Illinois. The assessment takes the form of an online survey and seeks to gather the diverse views and experiences of families across the region and focuses on key areas such as education, public safety, cost of living, senior care, and overall quality of life.

This assessment is a direct line for you to share what matters most. Your participation is vital because I plan to use the feedback collected when evaluating legislation and tailoring community initiatives hosted by my District Office throughout the upcoming year.

Take the Illinois Family Priorities Assessment here!!!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please call my office at 331-218-4182!

– Amy Grant | 47th District State Representative