This Month with Amy!

As the first hints of spring begin to emerge, I am continuing my commitment to the people of Illinois through the ongoing legislative session which is set to adjourn before May 31st.

March is a pivotal time for us in Springfield, where we continue to advocate for policies that uphold our values and bring true progress for our state. Things like keeping our taxes low, families healthy, and community safe are at the top of my priority list.

I appreciate when you take the time to share your thoughts with me so please send all of your questions and requests for assistance to my district office at 331-218-4182.

Wishing you a Hoppy Easter and month ahead! 

– Amy Grant | 47th District State Representative 

Rep Grant in Action

I never get tired of brainstorming ways to keep our families healthy, communities safe, and taxes reasonable!

What issues are you closely following during this year’s legislative session?

Human Trafficking Legislative Package

This spring, the fight against human trafficking is holding top priority for Illinois House Republicans. We’re proud to introduce a comprehensive legislative package aimed at offering protection and support to victims of this grave injustice.

Our approach features critical bills from various suburban Reps who are navigating the human trafficking crisis in their own backyards. Additionally, the legislation seeks to empower victims and tighten the legal net around those who exploit them.

Key proposals include:

  • Sealing juvenile records for minors trafficked (House Bill 5465 by Rep. Keicher)
  • Eliminating mistaken age defense in minor exploitation cases (House Bill 5466 by Rep. La Ha)
  • Removing statute limitations for trafficking crimes against minors (House Bill 5467 by Rep. La Ha)
  • Registering traffickers as sex offenders (House Bill 5134 by Rep. La Ha)
  • Creating defenses for trafficked victims who commit crimes under duress (House Bill 5468 by Rep. Sanalitro)
  • Establishing the Human Trafficking Order of Protection Act to protect victims from their traffickers (House Bill 5469 by Rep. Sanalitro)
  • Ensuring accountability for those who exploit minors (House Bill 5470 by Rep. Stephens)

With Illinois’ urgent need for improved responses to trafficking highlighted in recent news headlines, our legislative efforts are more critical than ever. 

Sign the petition to protect victims of human trafficking.

Truth in Public Safety Press Conference

Earlier this month, Rep. Grant (R-Wheaton) and fellow House Republicans David Friess (R-Red Bud) and Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva), John Cabello (R-Machesney Park), and Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) laid out a legislative package aimed at improving public safety, recruiting and retaining police officers and other law enforcement officials, and providing assistance to victims of violent crime.

Read more here.

Rep. Grant Celebrates Emerging Women Leaders at the State Capitol

Representative Grant welcomed two district residents to the Illinois State Capitol for the annual Emerging Women Leaders (EWL) Conference on March 5, 2024.

Now in its third year, the EWL initiative stands as a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of up and coming women leaders across the state. This annual event empowers legislators, including Rep. Grant, to spotlight “women to watch” from their constituencies and celebrate their contributions while engaging in meaningful dialogue, and offering them a day to develop with motivational activities and networking opportunities.

Read more here.

Soil Health Lobby Day 

I met with some clean soil advocates in Springfield for Soil Health Lobby Day.

I want to thank this crew from coming to speak with me about soil qualities and what we need to do to keep our environment clean!

More Bad Bills Filed in the General Assembly

In a controversial wave of legislative proposals, radical Illinois lawmaker are steering the state further awry by prioritizing divisive and polarizing issues over the urgent concerns of high taxes, rampant crime, and the escalating migrant crisis.

These provocative bills – filed during the 2024 Spring Legislative Session – reflect a clear shift towards extreme political stances that emphasize ideological agendas over tangible solutions.

Click here to read more about how these contentious measures would dramatically transform the daily lives of the people of Illinois.

Watch Rep. Grant Respond to Governor’s Budget Proposal

Click here to watch State Representative Amy Grant respond to Governor J.B Pritzker’s Annual State of the State and Budget Address.

“During Governor Pritzker’s annual budget address, he consistently made the claim that he is ‘making life easier for working families’. Frankly the reality facing communities across Illinois shows that this is far from the truth.

Our young people are struggling to get ahead, businesses are fighting to keep their doors open, and local governments are being left to deal with the migrant crisis on their own.

Click here to watch State Representative Amy Grant respond to Governor J.B Pritzker’s Annual State of the State and Budget Address.

Rep. Grant Launches ‘Illinois Family Priorities Assessment’

My Illinois Family Priorities Assessment is an initiative designed to understand and address the needs of families in Illinois. The assessment takes the form of an online survey and seeks to gather the diverse views and experiences of families across the region and focuses on key areas such as education, public safety, cost of living, senior care, and overall quality of life.

This assessment is a direct line for you to share what matters most. Your participation is vital because I plan to use the feedback collected when evaluating legislation and tailoring community initiatives hosted by my District Office throughout the upcoming year.

Take the Illinois Family Priorities Assessment here!!!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please call my office at 331-218-4182!

– Amy Grant | 47th District State Representative