Rep. Grant Legislation Safeguards Patient Privacy and Addresses Opioid Crisis

Wheaton, IL – State Representative Amy Grant (R – Wheaton) has introduced HB1879, a bill aimed at tightening the process for picking up Schedule II controlled substances in Illinois. This initiative comes after a shocking incident reported by CBS Chicago, where a Chicago area woman’s opioid prescription was stolen bringing to light a dangerous loophole in current pharmacy privacy protections.

“Protecting our constituents’ privacy, particularly when it concerns their healthcare, is paramount,” stated Rep. Grant. “The opioid crisis in Illinois is a serious epidemic, with more lives lost to the opioid crisis than fatalities from motor vehicle accidents and homicides combined.”

HB1879 proposes requiring individuals to present identification when picking up prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substances. These drugs, which include heavy painkillers, have the highest potential for abuse and misuse outside of proper medical supervision. The proposal aligns the parmacy pickup process for these strong medications with that of less potent drugs, such as Sudafed and certain extra-strength allergy medications – which ID presentation is already required.

“This bill is about applying a consistent standard across the board. If we require ID for purchasing Draino, it’s reasonable to expect the same for medications with a high potential for abuse,” said Rep. Grant. “This bill is a responsible step towards curbing prescription narcotic abuse, and a step towards protecting the personal privacy rights of patients.”

Despite garnering significant bipartisan support with nearly two dozen co-sponsors, HB1879 faced an unexpected challenge during the Public Health Committee hearing on April 4th, where it was not brought up for debate or vote.

“While disappointed by this setback, I remain committed to advocating for this crucial change to state law,” Rep. Grant stated. “Our battle against the opioid crisis and ensuring that powerful medications do not fall into the wrong hands is ongoing.”

Watch the full CBS Chicago story below.

Watch Rep. Grant discuss HB1879 with CBS Chicago’s Marie Saavedra.

State Representative Amy Grant, is currently in her 3rd term as State Representative in the General Assembly. The 47th district is made up of several communities in DuPage County, including Naperville, Warrenville, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lisle, Carol Stream, Bartlett, West Chicago, Winfield, and Wayne.