This Month with Amy – Invest in Kids; Public Safety; Child Abuse Prevention

We are nearing the end of the 2023 Spring Legislative Session. Thanks for following along with my efforts as the State Representative for District 47. Please enjoy the April edition of our newsletter and as always, please reach out if you need any level of assistance from my office.

Legislative Updates

INVEST IN KIDS – When the Invest in Kids Tax Credit was passed as part of Illinois’ Equitable School Funding Formula in 2017, it brought a beacon of hope for low-income and working-class families in our state. The program’s mission was straightforward yet impactful: provide privately funded scholarships to non-public K-12 schools for students who would otherwise struggle to afford it. For those generous enough to donate, the program offered a 75% tax credit on their contribution. In other words, it was a win-win proposition, making quality education more accessible while incentivizing charitable giving.

Fast forward to today, and the program has proven to be an undeniable success. Since its inception, the Invest in Kids program has raised a staggering $283,300,000 and funded nearly 38,000 scholarships. The average family benefiting from this program has an income of approximately $45,000.

We stand at a critical juncture. To let this program expire would be a tragedy for these families and a disservice to the state of Illinois. We owe it to the families who have benefitted from the tax credit scholarship and the many more who are waiting and hopeful for their turn.

As an Illinois citizen, I urge you to lend your voice in support of keeping the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship. Together, we can ensure that those families receiving the scholarships have the assurance their child’s education will continue to thrive in a school of their choice.

Read my full article here…

Public Safety Press Conference

On April 26th. Rep. Amy Grant joined fellow state Representatives John M. Cabello (R – Machesney Park), Patrick Windhorst (R – Metropolis), Dan Ugaste (R – Geneva), Dennis Tipsword (R – Metamora), and David Friess (R – Red Bud) in a press conference addressing the ongoing public safety crisis in Illinois.

The press conference provided a platform for their Truth in Public Safety working group, which has been meeting since January, to introduce a series of initiatives aimed at improving public safety throughout the state. The group’s efforts resulted in a package of 20 bills focusing on three crucial areas: Protecting Victims of Crime, the Real Pre-Trial Fairness Act, and Recruitment and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers.

“Ensuring the safety of all Illinois residents, regardless of where they live, is a top priority. Whether they’re in bustling cities like Chicago or peaceful suburbs like Wheaton, we must protect our women, children, elderly, and disabled from random and intentional acts of violence and crime,” said Grant.

Grant added, “I’m proud to co-sponsor several initiatives from this group, as they offer communities across Illinois the chance to reduce crime and provide peace of mind to law-abiding citizens who may fall victim to criminal acts.”

Rep. Grant is the chief sponsor of the following bills from the Truth in Public Safety working group:

  • HB 3356 – Adds a victims being 60 or older to the offense of aggravated domestic battery.
  • HB 3357 – Creates the offense of domestic assault.

Furthermore, Rep. Grant is also co-sponsoring the following:

  • HB 3359 – Prohibits the automatic expungement for the attempt to commit a disqualified offense, such as a sex offense, or Class 2 felony or higher.
  • HB 3360 – Adds home invasion as registerable offense if a sex offense was committed during the commission of the home invasion.
  • HB 4052 – Reinstates cash bail as recommended by the IL Supreme Court’s commission report. Creating a hybrid system that has a presumption of release but allows for cash bail or detention.

To view the full press conference, click here.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April was National Child Abuse Prevention Month, an annual campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the consequences of child abuse and neglect. The initiative highlights the critical role of families and communities working together to ensure the safety and well-being of children across the nation.

State Representative Amy Grant underscores the importance of this cause, stating, “Awareness and education are vital to stopping child abuse in its tracks. As responsible members of society, we must take it upon ourselves to learn its signs and take action when necessary. National Child Abuse Prevention Month serves as a reminder that protecting children is everyone’s responsibility.”

Child abuse often goes unnoticed, with up to 70% of cases going unreported. It is crucial for individuals to recognize the warning signs and report suspected cases to authorities immediately. On average, a child tells seven adults about their abuse before a formal report is made. By being proactive and informed, each person can play a critical role in preventing neglect, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

If you suspect a child has been harmed or is at risk, do not hesitate and call 911 or the 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873). In non-emergency situations, reports can be made using the Online Reporting System at

State Representative Amy Grant encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the warning signs of child abuse and to take action if they suspect abuse or neglect. By working together as families, communities, and individuals, a safer environment can be created for children to grow and thrive.

To read more information about the warning signs of child abuse, please click here

April Recap

Storytime with Weekdays @ Mundays

I got the chance to visit a local daycare program for story time! Weekdays at Munday’s is a local and professionally licensed day care ran by Jan Munday. She does a phenomenal job shaping the many kids passing through her program. Plus I had a blast reading some stories to her class🤓📚📖

Emerging Women Leaders in Springfield

I then invited the Jan Munday and Leslie Hampton to Springfield for our Emerging Women Leader event where we saw some of the State’s brightest and most talented women in the same room at the same time. I invited them because of the work they do with in-home daycare centers and early childhood education. This was a great chance to recognize them for their successes helping families and children throughout our community

Blood Drive

I hosted a Blood Drive on April 21st with Versiti Blood Centers and it was a wild success!

Food Pantry

I recently toured the new renovations at the Milton Township Food Pantry. They added a walk-in refrigerator and freezer that will allow them to store fresh produce. Using these renovations to add more options to their shelf stable non-perishables will give this food pantry more opportunity to help the hungry.

Great job to Milton Township Food Pantry at getting food to the people who are most in need of a helping hand.

Representative Grant & Senator Lewis Collected over 250 Pounds of Medication at Wheaton Drug Take-Back Day

“Despite the challenging weather conditions, our Prescription Drug Takeback Event was an overwhelming success. I want to give a special shout out to Officer Kelly, and other Community Service Officers who played a role in this collection,” said Grant. “Events like these are important for not only keeping our water supply clean, but also to prevent addictive opioid based medications from being abused.” 


Shred Event and Food Drive

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State Representative Amy Grant’s District Office is now hiring  collegiate level interns to join her District 47 office team!!!

If you know of anyone that may be interested, please forward them this email.


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State Representative Amy Grant, is currently in her 3rd term as State Representative for House District 47 where she serves on the following committees: Adoption & Child Welfare, Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing. & Charter Schools; Foster Care Placement Subcommittee, Housing, Judiciary – Criminal, Juvenile Justice and System Involved Youth Subcommittee; and Mental Health & Addiction Committee. The 47th district is made up of several communities in DuPage County, including Naperville, Warrenville, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Lisle, Carol Stream, Bartlett, West Chicago, Winfield, and Wayne.